Monday, January 12, 2015

Kiss Kill Vanish by Jessica Martinez

This was an amazing young adult book that took me for a serious loop. I was really lost in the beginning because when the book starts, you get thrown right in the middle of the story.

Honestly, I liked Marcel from the beginning. He was a likeable character, even with his wittiness and his shenanigans. By the end, I was almost in love with who Marcel was. He definitely made the book a real page turner. The whole time I was hoping that Valentina would end up with him in the end, and not the two timing scumbag FBI agent Emilio.

All in all though, I really enjoyed the book. It almost made me insane about money though, just reading about Valentina's struggle with everyday things such as food.

This book was extremely enjoyable and I loved every minute of it. I recommend it to any fan of the young adult genre. 

I received this book from a goodreads giveaway. 

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