Monday, January 12, 2015

Detachment: An Adoption Memoir by Maurice Mierau

The book Detachment was an intriguing memoir about a couple's journey to the Ukraine to adopt two sibling brothers and the effects that occur after they return to Canada. The whole story is really one man's journey figuring out that the problem was not that he didn't know his father's past, but that he didn't really understand his own here and now. He had felt like he disappointed his first Jeremy, and he tried to hide those feeling with writing. When he adopted his two children from Ukraine, he did the same when he couldn't handle the stress that came with parenting.

I really, really, enjoyed this book. It was phenomenal. Actually it was more than phenomenal; it was a beautiful peace of work that needs to be shown to the world. The memoir tells an honest story of what adoption is really about and the struggles behind that most people do not see. I really enjoyed this book because of the sharing of emotion. Every feeling was like it was actually happening to me.

In the end, I was so disappointed that the book was over. The entire time I was reading it I just couldn't put it down. In all honesty, I thought I wouldn't like it and I actually requested it because the cover looked cool but I really did enjoy it. It was a great read and would be enjoyable for anyone of any age. There are multiple characters to relate to so the audience is a wide array of pretty much everyone. Young or old, you will enjoy this book.

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